Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy the body massively changes. Especially after the third month, when the baby starts to grow rapidly, the balance point of the body changes and the skin gets tigther. Most of the woman tend to to lean back which leads to a higher pressure on the spine, the joints the the muscles. Backpain which can be felt down to the legs may occur.

With a pregnancy massage the pains can be eased and the general well being increased. Such a massage is also a good preparation for the birth. It relaxes body and soul and supports a deeper sleep.


  • Muscles well be released
  • Joints will become more lexible, ligaments will relax
  • Reduces stress, tiredness and headache
  • Reduces tension of the muscles, espcialy at the lower and upper back, the neck, shoulder and tush
  • Reduces general pain be improving the bearing
  • Increases flexibility of the skin and can prevent of cuts in the texture
  • Reduces water in legs and feet

Pleas be aware that we cannot offer massages in the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy

or for high risk pregnancies ! 


60 Min CHF  100.00  |  90 Min CHF  140.00  


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