Traditional Thaimassage

Traditional Thaimassage  is a therapeutical treatment in Thailand and has its roots far back in the past which lead back to India. It can be enjoyed by all age groups.

The first treatmant can be a little painfull until the full relaxation comes up. The holistic massage will be done typically as a full body massage. Based on the ayurvedic philosophy ten energylines, the so calles Sip Sen, are spread all over the body and form an energetic network. The Thai Massage stimulates these lines depending on the requested pressure by ellbow, feet, hand, thumbs or knees.

The traditional Thai Massage (Nuad Thai) revive the full body. By stretching all muscles and joints will be released and by stimulation of the energetic network, blockages will be released.

Helps for: Sleeping disorders, backpain, neckpain, listlessness

Recommended treatment time: 60-90 min

60 Min CHF  100.00  |  90 Min CHF  140.00  |  120 Min CHF 180.00


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